Care and Maintenance


We recommend obtaining cleaning and care information from the company or companies that manufacture or provide the fabric.


For Martin Brattrud leather, occasional dusting with a dry cloth and occasional vacuuming should be all that is necessary. For problems with stains, a professional leather cleaning service should be consulted. For some stains, a water damp, clean cotton cloth and a small amount of a mild, non -detergent soap can be used. Test a small area by gently wiping part of the affected area and rinse with a water dampened cloth, then air dry. Evaluate the test area and proceed with the above steps. Abrasive substances or cloths, commercial saddle soap, cleansers, polishes, oils or ammonia should not be used.

Faux Leather

Martin Brattrud Masquerade and Indulgence products may be cleaned as outlined below. After trying the cleaning method listed first, go to the second option only if necessary.

Wood Surfaces

Wood surfaces should be cleaned using a soft water dampened cloth with mild non-detergent soap. Rinse the surface with clean water dampened cloth and dry gently with a clean soft cloth. Do not use ammonia based cleaners or waxes or polishes on wood surfaces.

Metal Surfaces

Clean using a soft damp cloth and dry with a clean soft cloth. A mild non-detergent soap combined with a water dampened cloth can be used.

Rinse with a clean water dampened cloth and dry gently with a clean soft cloth.


Stone surfaces are not sealed. Wipe up any spills immediately to minimize stains resulting from the spill.


See Dupont’s webpage for specific information pertaining to Corian surfaces.

Cleaner Types

  1. Mild non detergent soap (Joy, Dove, Ivory) and water. Use clean cloth or sponge to dab the stain with soapy water. Remove the soap solution with water dampened cloth. Dry with soft lint-free cloth.

  2. Mild petroleum solvent (naptha, lighter fluid) or mineral sprits (paint thinner). Lightly wipe stain with clean cloth moistened with solvent. Blot the area and air dry.

  3. One part liquid detergent / one part rubbing alcohol.

    Dab lightly with cloth moistened with the solution. Do not rub. As ink loosens, blot the area with dry cloth. Repeat as necessary. Rinse with a water dampened clean cloth.

Spill Cleaners to Use
Coffee, Tea, Milk, Juice, Soft Drinks 1
Wine, Beer 1
Mustard, Catsup, Chocolate 1
Cooking Oil, Mayonnaise 1 and 2
Crayon, Lipstick 1 and 2
Urine, Blood 1
Body Oils 1
Ink 3
Grease, Shoe Polish, Motor Oil 2 and 1
Furniture Polish 2 and 1