Environmental Policy and Certifications

Martin Brattrud is committed to the proper usage of natural resources, the proper disposal of waste products and the recycling of our byproducts. In brief, Martin Brattrud’s environmental policy is to comply with the letter and intent of all environmental laws and regulations, specifically:

  • All waste solvents and solids resulting from our production processes are channeled through established recovery companies.
  • We use water-based adhesives and wood stain finishes.
  • Scrap polyurethane foam is recycled.
  • Martin Brattrud’s VOC usage is significantly below SCAQMD permitted levels.
  • All woods used in Martin Brattrud designs are sustainable. MB does not use any wood species or sources from Rain Forests.

Martin Brattrud is committed to the creation of designs that make our clients personal space aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Martin Brattrud’s dedication to the environment is as important to us as the quality that goes into our products.


Martin Brattrud seating and selected tables have been tested and certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) to meet SCS Indoor Advantage or Indoor Advantage Gold criteria. The criteria for this indoor air emissions certification program also meets the criteria of ANSI/BIFMA M-7.1 and X7.1 and therefore the criteria for LEED-CI EQ 4.5.

Certification documents and registration numbers:

Indoor Air Quality Certification