Thoughtful design.
Responsible manufacturing.
Product longevity.

Ownership of product and process is the fabric of our company. It is embodied in the quality of our craft—from the robust build of our frames, to the meticulous detailing of our upholstery. It is the fuel for the partnerships we cultivate with leading design talent. And it shows in the attention and care we provide to each one of our clients.

Since 1946

Founded by Frank Martin and Bob Brattrud in 1946, Martin Brattrud began as a modest frame shop situated in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, California. With an eye for design and an uncompromising attention to detail, growth came quickly. By 1950 Martin Brattrud had catapulted to become one of the region’s most well-respected manufacturers of upholstered furniture. Legendary designers of the mid-century era such as Greta Grossman, Milo Baughman, and Arthur Elrod all relied on Martin Brattrud to produce their work.

Values + Culture

Today, our roots are evident as many things have not changed. We are still located and manufacture exclusively in Los Angeles. Inspired by the climate, geography, and rich mix of cultures, Southern California is woven into our DNA. We lead with design, forging partnerships with some of the most talented designers in the industry. Our reputation for mastery of craft and attention to detail continues to set us apart.

The health of our team and our environment drives our manufacturing ethos. We use only water-based adhesives and stains. We’ve eliminated all plated finishes. We recycle our foam scraps. All of our seating and tables are Indoor Advantage Gold certified. Combine our low environmental impact manufacturing with the longevity of our products, and we believe Martin Brattrud to be among the most environmentally responsible manufacturers in our industry.

Products + Services

Focused on serving the contract market, our product offering extends across seating and tables categories with extensive custom capabilities. We ship worldwide. Renowned for our banquettes and benchmade upholstery technique, our clients rely on our creative approach based on decades of experience. Our relationships are just as important as the things we make. We see each project as a unique opportunity to surpass expectations and form a lasting partnership.

Inclusive team

Our team is our greatest asset. We are our people, a vibrant community with a diverse range of backgrounds. Martin Brattrud is privately owned. In 2014 we launched our ESOP plan, allowing each employee to have ownership in the company. Built on this transparency and a shared vision, we move forward together, driven to produce the most thoughtful design at the highest level of craft.