Ordering Details

The Terms and Conditions of Sale pertain to all quotations, orders and contracts for Martin Brattrud, Inc. (“MB”) furniture products.


Receipt of MB’s written acknowledgment indicates acceptance of the placed order and subject to MB’s conditions. Read the acknowledgment and notify MB immediately with any discrepancies in the acknowledgment.

Orders are to supply complete customer contact information including company name, telephone number, contact person, Bill To / Ship To, if applicable QuickShip, specifying firm, and MB product details.

Order Entry

Make sure an order is placed with MB in a timely fashion by using any of the following ways:

Martin Brattrud
1224 W 132nd Street
Gardena, CA 90247

Orders that have been placed by one method and then are followed up by using another must be clearly identified as ‘Do Not Duplicate’ or ‘Confirming Order Already Placed’. Orders so sent and not marked as indicated will themselves be treated as orders for which the ordering company is responsible – if these orders are acknowledged and put into production. MB will not be responsible for duplicate orders.

Standard Designs

Martin Brattrud’s Standard Designs are listed online and in the Price List with model names and numbers. Orders require the specification of quantities, dimensions, materials and finishes as well as pricing. MB reserves the right to change prices and specifications without notice.

Custom Designs

Besides its standard collections and their modification, MB is also capable of manufacturing upholstered designs for specific needs. For custom quotes simply provide the specifications, floor plans, photos or drawings and MB will submit a price quotation for your approval. With receipt of the purchase order, MB will create drawings for approval upon request. Consult your representative or the factory for additional information.

Custom Finishes and Colors

Custom Wood Finish can be produced after receipt of an order and upon receipt of a customer’s approved sample match along with a fee of $150 Net for each unique finish per order. Wood, like other natural materials, is subject to variations in grain and coloration. Even standard finishes may vary in tone and character.

Custom Powder Coat Color can be produced after receipt of an order and upon receipt of customer supplied RAL # along with a fee of $285 Net in addition to any minimums that may apply.

Custom MB Leather Color can be produced after receipt of an order and the customer’s approval of a color strike off. Order minimum is 1,500 square feet and a 5 – 6 week lead time. There is no fee for a custom color.

Custom MB Masquerade Color can be produced after receipt of an order and the customer’s approval of a color sample. Order minimum is 400 yards and a 4 – 5 week lead time. There is no fee for a custom color.

Fabric and Leather

COM – Customer’s Own Material – requirements are based on 54” Wide plain material. Fabrics varying from this measure may necessitate a change in yardage requirements.

COL – Customer’s Own Leather – requirements are based on hides averaging 50 -55 square feet.

Grade-In – A customer simply specifies a particular fabric by name, number and color. MB does the rest. MB incorporates the fabric into a quote with the correct yardage, checks on availability, orders samples for evaluation and customer use. At time of order, MB orders the fabric, tracks shipment and receiving for precise placement in the production process. Any issues with the fabric are contended with by MB and communicated to the customer.

Estimating Fabric Requirements

Standard yardage online and in the Price List is based on 54” W solid goods. For fabrics narrower and with patterns, consult the following charts. For repeats, combine the total inches of the pattern. If a fabric is narrow and patterned, add both yardage adjustments.

  1. Narrower Fabrics

    50” Wide, add 10% more yardage
    48” Wide, add 15% 15” – 19” repeat, add 15%
    45” Wide, add 20% 20” – 27” repeat, add 20%
    36” Wide, add 50%

  2. Patterned Fabrics

    5” – 14” repeat, add 10% more yardage
    15” – 19” repeat, add 15%
    20” – 27” repeat, add 20%
    28” – 36” repeat, add 25%


Unless there are other instructions provided on the purchase order, MB will ship all furniture orders via Martin Brattrud Guaranteed Freight Program. MB has negotiated preferential rates with carriers in order to give the customer the option of a fixed freight cost at the time of order. The fixed rate costs include cartoning and are based on a percentage of the COM Net price factoring in the geographic area where the goods are to be delivered. All freight charges are for normal delivery to a dock or warehouse. The minimum freight charge is $200 Net per shipment.

MB reserves the right to split ship orders.

For more information about freight, see the Guaranteed Freight Program online as well as the section entitled “Shipping From Martin Brattrud” in the Terms of Sale document.