Originally released in 1986 and now reissued, Monterey was the marquee product of the Steve Chase Collection, designed by acclaimed Interior Designer, Steve Chase. The voluptuous channeled form is immediately iconic. Specify with optional LED illuminated plinth base for a period correct statement that is as evocative today as it was 35 years ago. With this reissue, Martin Brattrud is honored to contribute all designer royalties to The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens near Palm Springs, an organization that Steve Chase championed.


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Sofas 6700-108

  • Channeled
  • Armless


  • Fabric Yardage 16.50 yards
  • Square Feet 297 sq.ft.
  • Width 108.0"
  • Depth 35.5"
  • Height 32.0"
  • Seat Height 16.5"
  • Arm height 23.0"
  • Seat Depth 25.0"

List Price (standard finishes)

  • COM: $12,320
  • COL: $13,552

Sofas 6700-40

  • Channeled
  • Bumper RAF


  • Fabric Yardage 18.00 yards
  • Square Feet 324 sq.ft.
  • Width 120.0"
  • Depth 38.5"
  • Height 32.0"
  • Seat Height 16.5"
  • Arm height 23.0"
  • Seat Depth 25.0"

List Price (standard finishes)

  • COM: $14,749
  • COL: $16,224


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Steve Chase

One of the foremost Interior Designers of the 1980s, Steve Chase possessed an iconic Palms Springs aesthetic that was sought out by celebrity clients such as Farrah Fawcett, Gene Hackman, Johnny Mathis, Gerald and Mrs. Ford, and Joan Kroc, to name a few.

Frequently featured in Architectural Digest, his interiors were renowned for their contemporary elegance and comfort. On design philosophy, Steve said, “I am more deliberate than spontaneous in my design, but I think every room must have one touch of humor. I like to do things not totally expected, to use the most original concept."

As a philanthropist, Steve contributed generously to Palm Springs Art Museum, The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, and Desert AIDS Project.

Steve Chase relied on Martin Brattrud to manufacture his custom upholstered designs throughout the 1980's and 90's, including the signature Steve Chase Collection featuring Monterey, which was originally released in 1986.