Workplace 2030

About Workplace 2030
Workplace 2030 is a non-profit initiative that provides educational resources business leaders need to safely bring employees back to the workplace. Their mission is to provide actionable guidance and support for companies and their employees who are tasked with reopening corporate offices, with an ultimate goal of ensuring the safety of our citizens and the productivity of our economy in the wake of COVID-19.

San Francisco Research Learning Center
Leading architects, policy makers, technology professionals and scientists were brought together to reimagine how we work. The latest technology, services, design, and practices have been taken out of the lab and into a model office, making it possible to experience firsthand how the future workplace will function. It can be viewed virtually or in person.

About the Respite and Wellness Room
With quarantines, people experienced additional pressure and stress that they previously escaped at home. The Wellness room offers a space to rest, stretch, and meditate that previously didn’t exist in the office, and may be missing at home too. Color and visual texture provide a sense of beauty, while curated aromas and scent diffusers engage our olfactory senses to invigorate our minds, improve our memory and center our focus.

Thoughts behind our products
Partnered with Prouve CF and One Workplace, Martin Brattrud was a natural fit for the Respite and Wellness Room.  An Amestoy Sofa, Cardiff Lounge Chair, and a Cumbia Side Table were selected for their residential feel with commercial quality craft, perfectly suited for a workplace that feels warm and inviting. All products were donated for this project.

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