Owner / Operator: Roni Uribe

Learn more about Roni Uribe, Product and Pricing Specialist.

Owner / Operator: David Sanchez

Learn more about David Sanchez, Fabric Cutting & Sewing Supervisor.

Then + Now: Lounge Chairs

The lounge chair exists as many well-known archetypes including the armchair, the wingback chair, and the club chair. Martin Brattrud has a heritage in all of these with our earliest versions dating back to the 1940s.

Then + Now: Monterey

Monterey was part of the Steve Chase Collection, a lounge seating family designed by renowned interior designer and longtime Martin Brattrud collaborator, Steve Chase.

Then + Now: Side Chairs

When we set out to create a new side chair, our design process considers not only comfort and aesthetics, but also the ability to withstand the use and misuse that these chairs must endure in their applications today.

Then + Now: Our Identity

Take a walk through the evolution of our visual identity, from 1946 to today.

Knoll Springs Forward with Martin Brattrud

This Spring, KnollTextiles called on Martin Brattrud to showcase two of their reimagined fabrics, and one brand new, from their new Spring Forward Collection.

Then + Now

2021 marks our 75th year of business in the South Bay of Los Angeles, California. Times have changed, but our committment to thoughtful design and mastery of craft has not.

Workplace 2030

The latest technology, services, design, and practices have been taken out of the lab and into a model office, making it possible to experience firsthand how the future workplace will function.

Reconvene Responsibly

11 new planning ideas featuring standard Martin Brattrud products are designed to bring us together while maintaining social distance.