Owner / Operator: David Sanchez

What is your name?
David Sanchez
How long have you worked at Martin Brattrud?
15 Years
How did you find Martin Brattrud?
I found out about Martin Brattrud through my brother, he’s the one that brought me here.  He recommended me to the manager, and I got hired. 

Did he tell you anything about the company before you started?
No, he just mentioned it was a furniture company that he liked, if he liked it, of course, I was going to like it as well.

Have you worked with your brother before?
No, no, I didn’t work with him before.  This is the first time and we are still working together.

Do you enjoy that?
I do, I do.  I get to see him every day.
Tell us about your job.
On a typical day my job is supervising for the cutting and sewing department, which means quality control of cutters and seamstresses, making sure they have work and putting in and out orders in the system.  Every day is different.  Every day we have different challenges, with dimensions, styles, fabrics, vinyls, leather.  It’s a challenge.  It’s different.
Have you done other jobs at Martin Brattrud?
Yes, I started here in the shipping department.  I did the cushion department, set up department, strapping department.  I also did a little bit of time in boxes and fabric coordinator before I became a supervisor.
What’s your most memorable project at Martin Brattrud?
My most memorable project with Martin Brattrud was one of our first stadiums, Dallas Cowboys.  I was in the strapping department when they gave me a problem.  They said David, we need you to do the strapping and set up for this.  Make sure you choose the right foam, give the dimensions and pass it to the upholsterer. 

Was that project a lot of the same furniture pieces or many different?
We did three different custom styles, but I was specifically in charge of one piece that was probably 800 pieces.  The client wants a firm chair that was going to last.  I told the guy in the cushioning department the density of the foam I wanted, I gave the crown they needed and they liked it.  I just did it once and it worked. 

Really? Wow!
It fulfilled all of their expectations.  It was great.

What are you most proud of at work? 
I think I’m most proud of where I started and where I am right now.  Of course with hard work I am pretty proud to work here and what I do.
Does owning stock in the company change the way you feel about your job?
Well owning stock here makes me work even harder than I used to because I know I am part owner in this company.  So, it’s a great feeling that you have to do things better, more efficient, because at the end, it’s something that you’re going to have back for you. 
You get to take one MB piece and put it in your home. What is it and why?
I think I will take the Monterey.  The Monterey sofa is a very beautiful piece that we designed and it will definitely look great in my living room, with some throw pillows.  I would like a light color, since my kids are grown, so it matches the colors of my house.
What’s special about the people you work with?
They are very humble and hard workers and they know what they do.  I don’t need to stress a lot to help them and at the same time they help me.  We both work as a team.  I tell them what to do, they know what to do.  They already know.  
Who inspires you and why?
My inspiration right now, I will say, is my daughter.  I just have someone to look out for and to try and give her the right tools so that she can be someone in this world.  Productive, become somebody.  She is my inspiration and my motivation.
How long have you been in California?
16 years. 

What’s your favorite thing about California?
California is one of the best states in this country for so many reasons.  We have the great weather.  Everything is close.  Everything!  Stores.  You want to go and travel somewhere, you don’t have to go more than two hours.  Everything is really close.  
What’s your go-to comfort food and where do you get it?
Tacos!  Tacos is a very easy Mexican food to get close in California.  You don’t have to drive more than a mile for a taco place. 

Do you have a go-to order?
I usually like Carnitas.  I can eat everything, but that’s my favorite.

How do you know a good taco place?
Flavor.  It’s really hard to say and I have been to so many places, trying different tacos.  Everyone makes them differently.
What’s the latest movie or show that you watched?
Do you know what?  I watch it with my wife, it’s 90 Day Fiance.  It’s funny.  I like it, because we see it and we talk about a lot of stuff.  I would recommend it if you like drama and funny stuff. 

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Thank you David!

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