Reconvene Responsibly

No one knows exactly what the future of the workplace will look like. But I, for one, hope that it does not continue to look exclusively like my living room. Don't get me wrong, the new found flexibility of remote working has been a kind of epiphany for many. It's great to be able to take a meeting from nearly anywhere. But the social connection, the tangible fabric of face-to-face problem solving and ideating, this is the aspect of the communal workplace that so many, including myself, are missing.

As we look forward to returning in some way to social gathering in our professional lives, we realize that interior spaces must adapt. It's a considerable design challenge that is being tackled across all design disciplines. So now we throw our hat into the ring with 11 new concepts for promoting a safer coming together.

An inherently flexible product series, Medinah was made for just these types of design challenges. We've reconfigured high back seats and tables into applications that provide physical barriers or distance between individuals. These ideas are designed to bring us back together, but with separations based on what we've learned from guidance provided by the CDC, WHO and others. To round out these planning ideas we've also added a few new pieces, including a cove with an integrated work surface and a high back wide seat with work surface. 

Explore all 11 new planning ideas featuring standard Martin Brattrud products, designed to bring us back together responsibly. Download the presentation and SketchUp models below.

Download PDF presentation